About Precept Bible Study


This inductive study is using material from Precept International.

Precept International provide a great number of inductive studies aimed at all different ages and abilities, from the in-depth Precept-Upon-Precept courses to the short 40 Minute Bible Study series. More information about their studies can be obtained from: http://www.precept.org.uk.

The course is not primarily a taught course. 

There is a workbook with material that takes about an hour a day for five days in the week. The work is thorough but not difficult.

This work is preparation for the time when we meet together to discuss what we have discovered, and to share our insights into God’s Word.

We will also discuss the implications of what we have learned for the way in which we live our lives.


The inductive Bible Study method consists of three stages; Observation, Interpretation and Application.

Observation. First we look at the text itself, without the aid of additional materials, notes or study guides. We are trying to see what the text says, not what other people say about it.

Interpretation. Once we have noted what the text says we then seek to understand what it means. At this stage we can turn to additional material.

Application. Once we understand what the text means we need to decide how it impacts our life.  The purpose of the study is not knowledge but a deeper love for God and a fuller, and more satisfying, commitment to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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